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As a third-generation tradesman, owning and working in trades has always been a natural choice for me and my family. Growing up with family members in various trades gave us a unique perspective and competitive edge. We have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in multiple trades, which allows us to provide our customers with exceptional service and deliver exceptional results. Our passion for trades and commitment to quality is not just a job, it’s a way of life for us and our employees.

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We offer multiple discounts including, but not limited to, Military/First Responder/Healthcare, Same-Day Savings, Senior Discounts, Seasonal Discounts/Promotions, Referral Bonuses/Discounts, and more.

We have a combined 100+ years in the trades including Roofing, Tile/Flooring, Plumbing, Home Remodeler & Renovating, Carpentry, and as a General Contractor.

  • Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Lic# DCQ-032200367
  • Dwelling Contractor Lic# DC-042300526
  • Lead-Safe Renovator: WI DHS ID# 2731080
  • Blue House Energy: Insulation and Building Science (USA) certified.
  • Focus on Energy Trade Ally Partner to offer energy efficiency rebates.
  • Company and all employees OSHA 30 certified.

Make sure to ask lots of questions! Also, see how well the potential contractor offers advice, educates you on the home, how issues are remedied, and how professional they are in their approach. The reason our customers choose us as their home remodeler, and give referral business to us, is because they liked our estimators and office staff. Our proven process of helping the homeowner make the right decision for them, even if it means going with another contractor, is always at the forefront of our approach to any project.

  • Have you conducted market research of the current average pricing for the work you want done, as to avoid “sticker shock”?
  • Given the lead times in all of the trades currently being months out (sometimes) are you prepared to sign a contract for the project and move quickly? Tip: This helps to lock in both the price/savings and scheduled work date!
  • Will you be taking advantage of financing options for this investment in your home?
  • Before signing, does the contractor offer consumer financing, explain what is available clearly, and provide those options to you?